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Monday, 28 March 2016

Recent customer review for our C50L Blast Pot Package

Well what a fabulous bit of kit. We were looking for just a new pot to replace an old one, but we decided to treat ourselves to a whole new package kit, as all the extras are heavily discounted.

When it all arrived neatly strapped to a pallet, we could tell immediately that everything was great quality.

It was also nice that the blast hose was ready to use .... Centurywise had fitted the couplings, and twin line remote hose ..... other companies just throw it all in a box so you have to spend an hour putting it all together yourself.

We quickly hooked everything up to our 260cfm compressor, and because of the big 1.1/4" pot pipework, the increase in cleaning power over our old pot was obvious.

The pressure regulator has already come in handy to clean some fiddly bits at low pressure .... Centurywise is definitely the only company we could find that fits these as standard.

2 x generous 15mtr length compressor hoses, Scorpion helmet, 20 mtr helmet line, and a seriously heavy breathing air filter are the rest of the components.

Centurywise also go to the trouble of asking what size compressor you have , so they can send the correct size nozzle, and they also send gauntlets, ear plugs, and a handy bag full of spare gaskets and couplings.

All in all, we're well pleased with our new pot .... Centurywise say it's the best shot blast pot package in the UK, and we are inclined to agree.

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